A large website used to post , share and watch different types of videos ranging from Vlogs to gaming to actually reality and funny sketches. This was made for everyone to explore their artistic views.

Benefits: Made for the people, and used by millions. People with dreams create youtube videos and try to express themselves. Great place to explore all content and create content. Designers can have freedom to approach and do anything they want to film. So it attracts many and the most successful stay.




Shipping and package company that distributes items from multiple sources, straight to your home, and also uses a video streaming to sell Movies/ Tv shows instantly. Online only, and has shipping to anywhere, including used and new items to sell.

Benefits of Amazon: Buy new and used items through Amazon for cheap and affordable prices that have deliver plans and multiple choices to be sent to you with one day shipping to standard shipping. You can sign up for Amazon Prime which grants access to free shipping and discounts on items.

Amazon and Develop: Helps people get a name for themselves through their website by selling through amazon, creates a medium for many creators and small business to sell and advertise online.



A company used to distribute video games digitally, and to sell Software and hardware to develop, create, expand and of course play our beloved video games. September 12, 2003 is when they started on Windows operating system.

Opportunities and services: You get to expand and try new games that are constantly in development, try their own software, and gain experiences through the enjoyment of these games. It is an entertainment sourced company bringing video games to both Mac and PC.2849647-6803049559-27465

Kish and Co

A branding agency, graphic design, marketing and social media management.

We’re creative. We believe that what we make can have people walking to your door. It’s that simple.

They offer design, which is then spun across the web and onto print. Starting off with a brand/logo/mark/identity and then everywhere the customer could expect to see this brand; bespoke cards, brown paper packages, seals for custom envelopes, a website which moves horizontally, a smart annual report, or a roll up banners at an expo. They also work with writers, search engine experts, photographers, illustrators, web geeks, marketing strategists, social media folk and more.

They are located 12/320 Carlisle Street, Balaclava Victoria Australia 3183.

I like how the photographs are very different to each other, they even have some multicultural sense to them.



Studio Alto is a Melbourne based graphic design consultancy, specialising in brand visual identity strategy, design and management.

They’re agile, flexible, nimble, responsive and adaptive. There’s no agency hierarchy to trip over, no juniors making decisions about the clients brand or learning on their time.

Branding and design to digital strategy and web development, their work is expertly crafted to deliver sophisticated solutions that contribute to their clients’ business goals. Just a dedicated group of people, who are focused on the project.

They are located at 3 Rochester St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

I like how the work with all types of different genres and lighting in each of their works. I also love how their works show as if they’re telling a story almost.circuit-recruitment-flyers-studio-alto StudioAlto_FEX_Flyer1-1-615x460 StudioAlto-QV_Hideaway-15


Yoke is a creative agency, they work across design, digital, brand and media.

Their approach to each project is the same. They listen carefully, ask the right questions and don’t ask them twice. Then they sit down and think about the answers before they do anything else.

Branding and design to digital strategy and web development, their work is expertly crafted to deliver sophisticated solutions that contribute to their clients’ business goals.

They are located at 42 Cambridge Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066

The way they work with photography interested me, also the way they use different typography and their different genre of layouts is something I’d like to do some more in the future.  cialdini-six-principles-of-influence-apple-persuade-yoke-300x225social-media-marketing-yoke-melbourne-300x2001380868483092[1]-thumb-400x400-134673